“We had been dreaming about our own campervan for years”

A dream come true

September 2020 | Jacqueline & David

It’s a dream come true We had been dreaming about our own campervan for years. The freedom, the convenience, the roadtrips. But it never happened; most campers were too big, too clumsy, too expensive or too ugly. We had actually given up the hope of a nice and affordable camper, when we heard about Ventje.

Great design
We were immediately enthusiastic about the cool design, the outdoor kitchen and all the smart storage things Ventje has. You can really tell that it was designed by someone who understands it. Everything has been thought through and it also looks great. Natural materials and no plastic like almost all other campervans.

Custom made
We liked that you can put together your own Ventje; you can make it as crazy as you want. Do you want a pop-top roof? Solar panels? Outdoor seats? No problem at all. You can even choose the color of the cushions and curtains yourself.

Home theater
We got our Ventje in September 2020 and made a few short trips. We are very happy with how everything works. There is plenty of storage space, the bed sleeps well, the lounge area is comfortable and the outdoor kitchen is fantastic. Other people agree, there were many curious campers who came to have a look. One time we even converted Ventje into a home cinema by projecting a film on the curtain of the rear window with a beamer.

Longer trips are planned for this year. If we are allowed to leave, we will go! At the top of the list are Corsica and Sardinia… we can already see ourselves with a view of the beautiful blue sea.