Campervan insurance

Three examples of campervan insurances

Campervan insurance

Every camper and campervan has to be insured with a camper insurance in the Netherlands. Just like with cars, you can choose from three types of cover for motorhomes.
Third party liability insurance is mandatory, which is the basic insurance. Only the damage you cause to other vehicles is compensated. With a liability limited hull insurance, damage that is no fault of your own and theft is also compensated. Everything is reimbursed with all-risk insurance. With an all-risk insurance everything is insured.

The price of your insurance policy depends on a number of things. Which cover you choose, how many claim-free years you take with you, the value, the weight and year of construction of your campervan, and the anti-theft protection. In addition, passengers can be insured and it is also wise to look at travel insurance and roadside assistance. We give you three examples of campervan insurance that you can include in your comparison.

1. Camperverzekerd
Camperverzekerd is a fairly comprehensive insurance policy. For example, permanently mounted accessories are automatically insured (such as the awning or bicycle carrier), if they are included in the insured value. With limited liability insurance and all-risk insurance, the contents are also insured up to 5000 euros and even pets are reimbursed for medical expenses after an accident. You can travel as long as you want and in case of damage there is no deductible if you knock on the door of a repairer who is affiliated with Camper Insured. Otherwise the deductible is 300 euros. Vandalism is co-insured with WA limited hull and all-risk and you get a premium discount with extra security.

With Camperverzekerd you can take out additional comprehensive travel insurance with breakdown assistance (so no separate insurance is required). However, this supplement is only for campers younger than 15 years old and if your camper stops working in the garage or in front of your house, you do not have to count on help. Lending your camper to friends or family is insured, but renting out is not possible with insurance from Camperverzekerd.

2. Safetrip
SafeTrip motorhome insurance is an insurance especially for motorhomes and campervans. It has a third-party liability + hull cover (all risk) including breakdown assistance and inventory coverage up to € 5,000. So no separate breakdown assistance needed. In addition, this insurance focuses heavily on prevention. If you are insured here, you can take a free driving skills training.

With Safetrip motorhome insurance you have a free choice of recovery. You can have damage repaired at any company and you pay up to 150 euros deductible. Go to a company with which Safetrip has made agreements, you do not pay a deductible. Rental of the camper is not automatically included, but it can be taken out additionally. Furthermore, you cannot not be abroad for more than six consecutive months with this insurance.

3. NKC camperverzekering
With NKC, the contents are co-insured up to an amount of 3000 euros, with a limited liability insurance and all-risk insurance. The fixed accessories are only co-insured with a limited liability insurance and all-risk insurance. You can travel abroad without limitation, as long as you have an address in the Netherlands. Purchase value coverage is automatically included. Three years with a used camper, ten years with a new camper. You can also rate your camper, then you have a five-year warranty.

NKC also has breakdown assistance. This is automatically included with your limited hull or all-risk camper insurance in or with the third-party insurance, if your camper is not older than five years. Including in your own place of residence. The deductible for damage is standard 300 euros, unless you go to a company that is affiliated with NKC. Then you pay 175 euros less. The rental can be insured. NKC is quite expensive compared to the other two.

If you are a member of the ANWB you will receive a 5% discount on the motorhome insurance. The limited liability insurance is a bit less extensive than the two insurance policies above. For example, your inventory and purchase value coverage is not automatically included. Everything can be insured additionally, just like the ANWB roadside assistance. So you can insure very extensively. However, renting out your camper is not possible with insurance from the ANWB. The deductible is 350 euros, but that expires as soon as you have your damage repaired by an ANWB damage repair company.

You cannot stay abroad indefinitely with an ANWB insurance. You are insured for up to 6 months. Do you want to extend this? Then you have to discuss this by telephone.

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