Camping gadgets

With these tips you always have a solution at your fingertips.

Clever camping gadgets

As true camper fanatics, we have a good idea which camping gadgets are useful for on the road. We would like to share those gadgets with you, so you can enjoy even more.

Head flashlight

It may look dull, but this is a camping gadget that everyone must have. There should be one in every camper. Because it is very handy to have your hands free while you are doing something in the dark. For example if you want to read outside in the evenings. Whether you need a little more light while turing your food at the BBQ. Or if you go on an adventure in a cave. In short, take it with you!

Foldable barbecue

We immediately arrive at an indispensable camping gadget: the foldable barbecue! There are many sorts and sizes. In a portable case or very simple, two flat aluminum plates where you can place a rack between, for example from Bo-Camp. Very handy and delicious for grilling.


A good pocket knife is always useful when you are traveling, but a multi-tool is the ultimate camping gadget. This pocket knife not only has knives and scissors, but often has more tools attached to it. This can come in handy when you need to fix something. It doesn’t replace your entire toolbox, but it does replace some essentials like pliers or a saw. Some multi-tools are therefore very expensive. Some variants also have a spoon and fork attached to it. Very handy during a long hike in the mountains and you want to eat your own meal.

Coffee percolator

A nice cup of coffee cannot be missed during your camper trip. An ideal way to make coffee on the road is with a percolator. That is a small, handy coffee pot that you can put on a gas burner. Fill the lower half with water and the filter with fresh ground coffee. After a while, the warm water goes up, through the coffee. They are available in different sizes and colors. The size is indicated in the number of (espresso) cups. A camping gadget that cannot be missed.

Omnia oven

There is nothing better than fresh, warm buns on the go. Is there no bakery nearby? No problem, with the Omnia oven you can simply bake sandwiches in your Ventje. Or make a lasagna in the evening. The Omnia oven is a round oven that you put on your gas stove. Warm air from the fire draws upwards, turning it into an oven inside. You can put your oven dish on the table in no time! We were very happy with this camping gadget ourselves.

Solar shower bag

This is a camping gadget for the self-sufficient camper. Have you been in nature for a while and is there no campsite in sight? At some point you probably want to take a shower. You can buy a solar shower bag at outdoor sports stores. This is a black shower bag that you can fill with water. Hang it on the tree and the sun will warm the black bag. A few hours later you can rinse off. Also useful after a beach visit.

Reusable bags and jars

Waste is super inconvenient to drag around with you. Therefore, try to throw away as many packages of, for example, pasta before your trip. Put it in a jar. The same goes for plastic bags and sandwich bags. Make sure there are always some fabric bags in your Ventje for groceries, reusable nets to store fruit and vegetables and your sandwiches can be put in a reusable sandwich bag. Also fun to make yourself!

Travel games

We love games, wherever we are. So much so that we designed travel packaging to take with us in the Ventje. Have a look at if you also would like to take games like settlers of Catan wherever your Ventje takes you.


Last but not least, a camping gadget that is completely in line with these times. Namely a tube of disinfectant gel. Nowadays you have to (and want) to disinfect your hands everywhere, so it is handy to always take one with you in your Ventje. It is best to wash your hands with soap. Each soap is disinfectant by itself. But since that is not always possible everywhere, a tube desinfectant can be very useful.
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