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This is how you become a digital nomad

In the morning you can work a few hours in your camper, and in the afternoon you lie on your surfboard in the water. It seems like an unattainable dream, but in principle anyone can become a digital nomad. How? We asked Carlijn, a part-time digital nomad in her camper.

Digital Nomad

Carlijn (31) from Utrecht is often on the road with her camper for months in the summer. Travel and work, like a true digital nomad. Although she does not really like that word. “There is such a hip stigma around the word digital nomad. Actually, I just work as a freelancer, but then on the road.”

Digital or analog?

Isn’t that exactly what a digital nomad does? “Yes, but your work does not necessarily have to be digital. You can also give dance lessons or yoga lessons along the way, which can of course be done analogously in a room.” But that’s not what Carlijn does herself. “Actually, I exactly meet the digital nomad standard, because I write for Dutch clients. And I don’t send those documents by post ”, she says laughing.

“I work as a freelance journalist. I can organize my time freely and I can write anywhere, so I can combine working and traveling in the summer. I travel through Europe with my Volkswagen bus and work in the morning. In the afternoon I go hiking in the mountains, surf or chill. Depends where I am of course. That freedom is wonderful.” That doesn’t sound wrong, but how does it work in practice?


A crucial point to be able to work as a digital nomad is online accessibility. “It took a while before I realized how to be online in the best way possible. I usually create a hotspot on my phone, but I didn’t have the right internet bundle. Then I drove across the border and immediately had no internet. I switched to a somewhat more expensive bundle from KPN. They have a good coverage in Europe and do not set any limits on what you can consume abroad.” What if she does not have good internet coverage somewhere? “Then I throw my digital nomad principles overboard and look for a public library in the neighborhood”, Carlijn chuckles. “In addition, I cannot charge my laptop in the camper, my battery is not good enough for that. I see that Ventje has many sockets and that there is a good battery, which is very useful for a digital nomad. ”

For everyone?

Can anyone become a digital nomad? “Yes”, says Carlijn. “I think so. Of course it depends on your situation. If you have two school-aged children, it is more difficult to work as a digital nomad for six months. And if you work in a factory, you cannot take that work with you. But if you really want it, you have to see what is possible for you. Can you change your work to something that is not location-specific? And can you handle the financial uncertainty? Your work does not necessarily have to be digital. Handymen are needed all over the world. ”


This brings us to a tricky subject. What about all the costs? “If you really want to be on the road as a digital nomad for months, then you have to be smart. When I am on the road, I rent out my house, I no longer have those costs. I make sure my camper is in order before I leave, because there is nothing more expensive than fix a broken camper while you are on the road. Very annoying, I speak from experience ”, she laughs.

“On the other hand, you incur little costs. You only pay for your fuel, your insurance, your food and occasionally a campsite. The freedom is priceless and you often have the best view during your work!”
Work on the road in your campervan Ventje.

I have chosen to drive my Ventje both for business and private. This way I use Ventje for my design office during the week, and I can easily take weekends off to rest. Practical and economical at the same time!

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