Red Dot Design Award.

The international design award for product design.

“Ventje supports numerous usage scenarios in the smallest possible space and thus creates a unique user experience.”

Red Dot Jury

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Red Dot Design Award – Jury Report
Ventje is a small camper van with an innovative interior design concept. The kitchen is integrated into the boot door so that the stove, fridge and garbage bin can be accessed from the inside and the outside. The drawers are likewise accessible from both sides. Due to its innovative system and stable back cushions, the seating arrangement can be adjusted flexibly and changed to serve as a dining room, lounge sofa or bed. Combined with the corresponding frames, the cushions additionally turn into camping chairs.

What makes the “Ventje” campervan special?
Ventje is an extension system for Volkswagen buses or transporters, facilitating quick and easy conversions into campervans. With this product, the manufacturers and the designers have got their fingers on the pulse of the times as it allows people to gain maximum use from a potentially already available or relatively inexpensive to buy vehicle. The effort-benefit ratio of this solution is outstanding. It is fundamentally very simple, modular and logical, with surprising details, and it is smart and practical.

Ventje is an example of what characterises good design. What makes it so?
The expert knowledge of the designers is very evident. The solution offers a multitude of unexpected, good and varied answers to the issues that arise when using a campervan. Ventje nonetheless retains the charm of a product manufactured in low volume but is an example of the way in which professional design capabilities and creativity can develop outstanding and surprising solutions and turn them into a cohesive business model even in a highly industrialised world. It shows the potential design has.

~ Prof. Lutz F├╝gener