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What about vehicle certification in the Netherlands?

Vehicle certification and more

Fanatic motor home owners regularly talk to each other about the benefits of the Dutch camper tax rate, also known as the quarter rate. But what is this? And what driving license do you need for a small camper? Read everything you need to know about your motorhome here. So next time you can join the conversation, instead of just nodding along.


With campers (and Ventjes) for your own use, you don’t have to pay full road taxes in the Netherlands. You only pay one out of the four quarters of vehicle roadtax. Your camper needs to meet all the interior criteria for a motor home set by the tax authorities. For example, the camper has to have space to sleep and sit and has to have a solid cooking area. You can find all of the requirements online.

Low road taxes

If all the requirements are checked and approved by the government, you can benefit from this lower road tax rate. When you buy a converted bus, it is therefore important that it is approved as a camper. If so, you can apply for the low road tax with a form you can find on the webpage of the national taxservices.
With a Ventje, that is already taken care of. And luckily you can use Ventje also as your daily car. It moves the same and fits in a normal parkingspot. In that way, you have a double advantage. You drive your van every day, but you pay the road tax for a camper van. but you pay only the camper taxes.

Drivers licence

For heavy campers you’ll need a different drivers license than for small campers like Ventje. You can drive our campervans with the same license you need for your car. In Dutch that is called license B. With heavier campers (heavier than 3500) you need a license C1, for small trucks. Create you’re own campervan here.

“With us, stretching out really means stretching out. With an extra long bed of 195 cm, this camper is also comfortable for tall people. Pleasant, washable fabric. The darkened, completely closing curtains ensure ultimate peace of mind. Fresh air is cleverly arranged via multiple ventilation points.”

Frank Westland

Industrial designer


More than enough storage space.

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