Sustainable camping

We would like to enjoy our world a lot longer.

Tips for sustainable camping

There is nothing better than camping in the wild nature with your Ventje camper. You can completely relax in the green of a forest or enjoy beautiful views of the mountains. And we would prefer to continue to enjoy nature for a long time to come. That is why Ventje contributes and we let you camp as sustainably as possible. Will you take care of the nature whereever you camp? We give you some tips for sustainable camping.

What does Ventje do:

FSC wood

We only use wood that has been approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for the interior of Ventje. This is an international company engaged in responsible and sustainable forest management. By using this certified wood, we are sure that the forest where it comes from has been handled responsibly. We are happy to take the additional cost for this wood if it means that no clear-cutting has taken place and no animals and people have been expelled from their habitat.

Solar panels

You can choose to have solar panels installed on your Ventje. Then you are always provided with green energy. The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy, and by using solar panels you do not emit any CO². That saves 60 kilograms of CO² per square meter of solar panel per year, so nice and sustainable camping! (Of course, the production of a solar panel releases some CO², but you make up for that after two or three years by using the panel).

Sustainable water management

Because we place a waste water tank in each Ventje, no dirty water ends up in nature. Even biodegradable soap does not break down completely in nature. Do you want to wash yourself or your clothes? Always take the waste water back into the waste water tank. Is that really not possible? Then use as little of the (100% biodegradable) soap as possible, dig a hole at least 60 meters away from natural water and dump it in the hole.

Compensating emissions

We plant new trees for every Ventje we make, one here in the Netherlands and one abroad. In that waye compensate for future emissions from the Ventje, so that you can camp pleasantly and sustainably.


Don’t leave any traces of your stay (except maybe your tire marks). So take all your waste with you. Do you see that there is a lot of waste on a motorhome from other, less sustainable campers? Maybe your garbage bag has some room left to put something in. You will win some karma points.

Local products

Don’t just buy at the local Lidl, but also go to a market in town or city. Often there are tasty locally produced products to be found and fruit and vegetables are often cheaper and not wrapped with plastic. Do not skip the local bakers and shops, then you also stimulate the local economy a bit.

Reusable bags and jars

If you are doing so well, then immediately bring your own reusable fabric bags and bags while you go shopping. Always leave something in the Ventje, then you can’t forget to take them with you. In some countries it is possible to buy pasta and rice without the package, so bringing a few storage jars is also a useful tip for sustainable camping. Plastic cannot always be avoided, but this way you can still reduce its use. It is also better to omit disposable items such as moist cleaning cloths. Then choose a washable dishcloth.

Care products

We mentioned it already. In particular, use 100% biodegradable (dish) soaps and detergents. Outdoor stores have highly concentrated biodegradable soaps for sale, of which you only need to use a little. Shampoo in solid form is usually made from vegetable ingredients, can be used for a long time and hardly takes up space. Only benefits. An environmentally friendly variant can also be found of all kinds of other care products such as toothpaste or makeup remover.

On the road

Sustainable camping starts while driving. Drive a bit more slowly when Ventjes motor is cold, because of the higher fuel consumption of a cold motor. A warm engine uses half of a cold engine. In addition, make sure that you do not bring any unnecessary ballast. The more weight, the more fuel you use. For example, before you travel a long distance, try to trow away your waste water and waste.

“With us, stretching out really means stretching out. With an extra long bed of 195 cm, this camper is also comfortable for tall people. Pleasant, washable fabric. The darkened, completely closing curtains ensure ultimate peace of mind. Fresh air is cleverly arranged via multiple ventilation points.”

Frank Westland

Industrial designer

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