Sustainable travel

We would all like to enjoy this world a lot longer!

FSC wood

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation that promotes responsible and sustainable forest management. By using this certified wood, we are sure that the forest where it comes from has been handled responsibly. We are happy to take the additional cost for this wood if it means that no clear-cutting has taken place and no animals and people have been expelled from their habitat.

Solar Panels

We offer modern buses that, among other things, use solar panels for their energy supply. This clean energy does not release CO², which saves 60 kilograms of CO² per M² solar panel per year.

Sustainable water management

We developed a unique wastewater system with a sink with two separate drains. It is easy to switch between the two drains, so that you carry as little wastewater as possible while preventing spillage of wastewater in nature.

Compensating emissions

Every Ventje plants 2 trees, one in the Netherlands and one abroad. This is our modest way of compensating for future Ventje emissions.

Would you like to contribute?

Apart from the fact that you may be traveling with a very sustainable Ventje soon, we think you should contribute beyond that:

  • – Don’t leave any tracks other than your tire tracks. Take your rubbish with you and make an effort to recycle as you go.
  • Use local products and visit local stores to stimulate local economies.
  • Store reusable bags in Ventje to take with you when you go shopping to minimise using plastic.
  • Drive a bit more calm when the engine of your Ventje is still cold. A warm engine uses half of a cold engine.
  • Don’t take unnecessary weight, also to reduce fuel consumption, for example by emptying your wastewater tank before embarking on a long drive and make use of our wastewater system.

With a long bed of 195 cm everybody can stretch out. The cushions are made of a nice, washable fabric. The curtains can completely block out the outside world. Fresh air is supplied by our unique ventilation system.

Frank Westland

Industrial designer

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