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Built for the new hybrid workforce.

“It’s a German engineered Swiss army knife of Dutch design — on wheels.”

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It’s a German engineered Swiss army knife of Dutch design — on wheels.

What makes the “Ventje” campervan special?
I’ve seen one in person, and the build quality is impressive. Ventje uses CNC precision to convert the interior into a multipurpose space. And when the weather’s good, the interior can be transformed into outdoor seating.

The surprisingly large and functional indoor kitchen becomes equally useable from the outside with drawers that open both inwards and outwards — no conversion required.Ventjes are fully insulated and feature a diesel heater to keep things nice and toasty inside when camping year-round.

New for 2022 is the option to add two seat belts in the back..” (which can be seen above) “..allowing Ventje vans to legally transport an entire family of five while still fitting into a normal parking spot. That makes the miniature camper useable as a daily driver.

~ Thomas Ricker, The Verge

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