Travel games

The best ones, in a small size.

Travel games

Travelgames are always fun to take with you. Whether it is to get through a few hours of rain in your Ventje or to invite the neighbors at the campsite for a competitive evening … travel games always provide some fun. We made a list for you of our favorite travelgames.

Deck of cards

A travel game that you can take along in your Ventje is a simple card game. Easy to carry and you immediately have dozens of games to play. In addition, a card game is universal, you can play directly with everyone you meet at home and abroad.

Cow trade

Cow trade is a real bluff exchange and trading game that is played with a set of cards. The animals are the points you can earn, and of course you have to collect as many points as possible to win. You do this not only through luck, but also by being smarter than your opponents. Cow trade can be played with three to five people and comes in a small travel game format.


UNO the card game is like playing with regular cards, but different. The extra rules that come with special cards make it a bit more fun. In addition, UNO is known worldwide, and everyone knows the same rules. That makes it a travel game to take with you.

Catan 5

Catan5 Catan is normally a big board game with many pieces, but if you feel like playing a longer game, Settlers of Catan is way too much fun not to bring. Fortunately, there is also a travel game of Catan and we have it for you. Ask Ventje if you can buy one.


Another classic, Monopoly. No explanation needed of course. There are now many variants of Monopoly, so you do not always play the same game. And fortunately there is also a travel game variant of this well-known party game.

Halli Galli

Halli Galli is a stress game. Make sure you press the bell when there is a total of 5 pieces of the same fruit on the table, then you get all the cards on the table. Small enough to take with you, but if you have left the bell at home, you can also play the game without it. Ideal as a travel game.


Another universal and fun game, now with numbers. Make combinations of numbers to get rid of your bricks as quickly as possible. Play with anyone anywhere in the world. Fortunately, a small size is available.

Black stories

Do you want to stimulate your brain creatively on the road? Then solve the sinister riddles of the Black Stories card game. Black Stories are macabre stories in which the goal is to guess why this happened after a brief situation description. Different variants available.

With these travel games you will like your holiday even more! Have fun! Do you want to go immediately? Rent a Ventje!

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