Travel must-haves

Enjoying the little things.

Waterproof phone case

When you get off the bus in rainy weather, your phone might get wet. You can buy a phone case for just a couple of euros at the Action, while it can save you the cost of a new mobile. Don’t forget!

Head flashlight

For adventures during the night it’s much easier to wear a head flashlight because you have both hands free, which is also useful for exploring caves!


A good pocketknife is always good to have, but this set also includes a spoon and fork. Ideal when you travel without cutlery but do wish to eat with knife and fork.

Coffee percolator

A coffee percolator is ideal for making coffee on the road. Fill the lower half with water and the filter with fresh ground coffee. Put on the stove and enjoy your coffee! Percolators are available in different sizes, expressed as the number of (espresso) cups they hold. Further, percolators come in different colours and some even have features to keep your coffee warm.

Hand sanitiser

An easy way to keep germs, bacteria and viruses out without the need for water or a towel. Always good to carry with you while traveling, especially in these days.

Natural soaps

Natural soaps, shampoos and washing liquids are good for both people and planet. Pack it up, pack it in!

Travel games

We love games wherever we are. Therefore we even developed travel packages and travel editions for our favourite games. Have a look at if you also would like to take games like settlers of Catan wherever your Ventje takes you.

Reusable shopping bags

Taking your own shopping bag to the supermarket has become the new normal. Why not do the same when buying fruits and vegies? There are different kinds of reusable bags available, so find your favourite and further reduce the use of plastic bags!

If you want to make long journeys quickly, travel with little luggage. Leave all your envy, jealousy, selfishness and fear at home.

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