Vehicle certification (APK) in The Netherlands

What about vehicle certification in the Netherlands?

Road tax for motor homes

When you purchase a motorhome for your own use, you pay for one of the four quarters of vehicle tax. If you also rent the camper in that year, you pay tax for two of the four quarters. When you buy a converted bus, it is therefore important that it is approved as a camper. If your camper is older than 40 years, you do not have to pay road tax at all.

Driving license

You can drive most campers with a normal driving license B. If the camper is over 3500 kg, the camper counts as a truck and you need a C / C1 driving license. If the camper has more than 8 seats, you need a driver’s license D for buses.
The Volkswagen vans that we sell and rent are light campers, which you can drive with a normal driving license B.

Vehicle certification (APK) in The Netherlands

Of course, the camper must also be certified (APK in the Netherlands). If you don’t go through inspection, you risk a fine and you are not insured in the event of an accident. Even if you do not drive the camper, you must have it inspected. A distinction is made between motorhomes under 3500 kg (light motorhomes) and above 3500 kg (heavy motorhomes).
Light motorhomes must be inspected every year when the motorhome has already been inspected before. Light motorhomes of 30 years or older must be inspected every 2 years. The oldest campers from before 1960 do not need an APK check. This applies to heavy and light motorhomes from before 1960. Heavy motorhomes from after 1960 must also be inspected every year. Check your APK status every year before you leave, because it might have expired!


Finally, it is advisable to check an older motorhome for critical points before you leave. Any motorhome that is slightly older must be properly checked before you travel a longer distance. Our T5 and T6 buses are in good condition and checked before you take them with you, so that you can enjoy your holiday!

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