Vehicle certification

Was it after one or two years?

Vehicle certification campervans

There are several stories about inspection of campers. Campers have to be re-evaluated every year or two years. How do you know when you have to go? Depends what kind of camper you own.

Vehicle certification in the Netherlands

Just like a car, the camper has to be certified in order to be allowed on the Dutch roads (APK in the Netherlands). This has to be done once a year or once in two years. With this certificate you know that your camper is save in traffic.

Even when you don’t drive your camper for a while, it must still be certified. Unless you suspend your vehicle for a while. Then you don’t need inspection. .

When is the inspection?

Light motorhomes must be inspected every year, when the motorhome has already been inspected before. Modern motorhomes (up to 3500 kilos), such as a Ventje, have to pass the inspection every year. Older motorhomes (30 to 50 years) in this weight class have to be inspected every two years.

So always check the APK certificate before you leave, if you have dutch vehicle.

Drivers license

You can drive most campers with a normal driving license B. If the camper is over 3500 kg, the camper counts as a truck and you need a C / C1 driving license. If the camper has more than 8 seats, you need a driver’s license D for buses. Then it can also be inspected there, the vehicle will be deregistered online at the RDW and you will receive an APK inspection report.

In some countries you need an international licence. Check before when you enter a country if you need that. .


The costs for an inspection are between thirty and fifty euro. It can only be done by professional inspection compagny.

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