VW T1 up to T6

Transporters over the years.

Volkswagen campers T1 up to T6

Volkswagen has put a whole line of Transporters on the market over time. And with success, because these Volkswagen campers have been on the road for a long time. The first models are still very popular and the T1 is now a symbol of freedom. These buses are still being converted into camper buses, originally by Westfalia, by hobbyists, and by professionals like us. Now what exactly are the differences between all these models?

Volkswagen T1 and T2

Everyone recognizes the iconic T1 and T2 Transporters. These types are often converted into campers and are very popular among VW enthusiasts. The first model was produced from 1950 onwards. The air-cooled engines of this Volkswagen camper T1 turned out to be very reliable and can easily last 250,000 km. The T2 is also called the panorama bus. The windshield of the bus is no longer split into two parts. The capacity of these buses was improved to a 1.6 Liter. This model could also be supplied as a camper in a special version. Which we think is an excellent choice to use the VW Transporter!

Volkswagen T3

The Volkswagen camper T3 has changed quite a bit compared to the T2, both in appearance and technology. Still a vintage vibe and a flat nose, but less round shapes. The water-cooled diesel engine was introduced from 1980 and water-cooled petrol engines were introduced from 1983. The water-cooled engines overheat a little less quickly than the air-cooled ones, and have more power. The bikes were still in the back of the bus. Power steering was not included in the early models. The production of air and water cooled engines overlapped one year. You can distinguish the water-cooled buses because a water-cooled T3 has a second grill under the headlights. An air-cooled T3 does not have that.

Volkswagen T4

Substantial changes were made from the T4. Lovers of the old models therefore found the Volkswagen camper T4 less beautiful. The engine was placed in the front. This means that the driver is no longer above the axle while driving. This way the T4 drives like what we are used to today. The power of the T4 has gone up a lot due to the 5-cylinder engine. The diesel engines also last up to 500.000 km! For the T4, the “luxury” options such as power steering, disc brakes, ABS, cruise control and air conditioning were removed from the standard equipment. So, pay attention to these extras when purchasing a T4 bus.

Volkswagen T5

The T5 went into production from 2003. With the T5, the Volkswagen bus camper has become a lot bigger, and does not differ far from the T4 in appearance. The front received a modern facelift. The interior was updated with aluminum elements and the gear was placed in the dashboard. Technical progress was also made. There were many different variants available. The heavier engine could be delivered with four-wheel drive and options were available with an internal navigation system, climate control and more.

Volkswagen T6

The T6 is of course the most modern version of this list of Volkswagen buses. This makes the T6 very comfortably equipped as is. Special features such as fatigue recognition and high-beam assistant make this an extremely safe car. And that while he, together with the Vito, is the most economical bus on the market of this class. At Ventje we convert the T5 and T6 delivery vans into Volkswagen campers, with a handy, flexible layout.

Ventje campervan

We do not use the Volkswagen campers T1, T2, T3 and T4 for our installation. Although they are beautiful vans, these Transporters often require a lot of maintenance. Modern conveniences such as power steering and a built-in navigation system are also very nice to have. In addition, the price of these early models are often quite high. The Volkswagen vans from T5 can still drive many kilometers and they are perfect for our innovative interior. Put your own Ventje together in our configurator.


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