Working on the go

Take Ventje to work…

or work from Ventje.


An increasing number of people combine working and travelling, the so called ‘digital nomads’. Sabrina, for example, has converted her bus into a camper, and is very happy with the choice to work as a digital nomad.

Sabrina is especially happy with the complete freedom she experiences. She gets up when she wants and where she wants. The camper gives her the freedom to park the van wherever she wants. Or as Instagram calls it, #homeiswhereyouparkit. If you search on this hashtag, you will see that you can turn the most beautiful places in the world into your home or office. Sometimes clients want you to work on location, and in this case you can always be nearby whenever you want.


The fixed costs of a home generally make up a very large part of your income. In addition, the costs of renting a workplace are also high. These costs are of course considerably lower when you live or work in your camper.


As a digital nomad, you only need a few things to be able to work: a laptop, electricity and internet (and coffee). When you use a dongle or make a wifi hotspot with your mobile phone, you can be online wherever you are. A cheap and mobile office is born!

I have chosen to drive my Ventje both for business and private. For example, I use the Ventje during the week for my design agency and I can easily go on weekends to relax. Practical and also affordable!

Frank Westland

Industrial designer

Flexible set-up

For every moment a different layout.

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