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How many seats has Ventje while driving?
While driving, a maximum of 3 people can sit in a Ventje, the driver and 2 people on the bench next to it. There are no seats in the back, as our pleasant bed cushions, storage space and flexible layout would then be replaced by a seat construction.
Do you need a lifting roof on a Ventje?
If you want the tax authorities to see your Ventje as a camper, it needs a pop-up roof. Camper vans fall into the advantageous camping quartly motor vehicle tax rate. This makes a pop-up roof a quick payback.
What is the maximum height of a Ventje?
The height of a Ventje (not lowered) including lifting roof, solar panel and cassette awning is 205cm.
Do I need to buy a bus myself?
We almost always take care of the purchase of a good bus. But even if you already have a suitable bus or want to arrange it yourself, we can turn it into a Ventje!
What type of bus do I need?
Any Volkswagen T5, T6, or T6.1 with a short wheelbase (L1), is fundamentally suitable for making a Ventje. An open-up tailgate is desirable as canopy during cooking outside.
Should there be windows in a bus already?
There are often already windows in a passenger van. If this is not the case, we can install our own darkening windows. This reduces the view and allows us to add a nice sliding window.
Can I build a Ventje myself?
You need a lot of knowledgde and specialized tools to make a Ventje. Everything comes very precisely and no screws are visible. Because of this, it is not possible to build a Ventje yourself.

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