“Complete freedom, especially now”

Complete freedom

November 2020 | Bies & Conny | Dutch review

The first Corona-wave made us think about travelling; other continents, flying, uncertain times ahead. It was going to be difficult.

Old dream
We soon talked about my old dream: traveling through Europe with a camper. Complete freedom, especially in these times; go when you want, where you can, no longer flying and no need to book accommodations.

Innovative concept
On the internet I came across an article about Ventje and their beautiful, innovative concept. After more info, we stopped by on a warm June day to have a closer look and ask all our questions. I was instantly won-over; a compact van, with which you can park everywhere, very practical and innovative, everything has been thought of. Bies also became enthusiastic, especially when he learned how valuable VW campers are.

Long travels
The ideal bus was found in July, Frank built in a beautiful interior and our Ventje was ready at the beginning of October! What a feast! We have now toured in the Netherlands for over a week to our full satisfaction. We would like more of this! From September next year we will make long journeys with it and until then we will enjoy weekends and weeks with our Ventje.