“The view all around is really exceptional”

View all around

Juli 2020 | Redmer & Anna

The first thing you notice about our Ventje is it’s cosiness. (A typical Dutch quality). Other campervans often look somewhat artificial due to the unnatural, plastic looking materials used for their interior. In other campervans there is little choice in styling but Ventje uses the colours you choose for the cushions and curtains. Best of all: the exceptional view all around. This is really exceptional, in other campervans you feel trapped between the wall cabinets and storage blocks. In Ventje you feel part of your environment.

We love Ventjes high level of comfort. The well-fitting chairs can easily be converted into a lounge setup and can even be taken outside. Although it is possible to sleep on top of a pop-top roof, we choose to convert the sofas into a comfortable bed. A trick completed in 4 minutes also due to the well-designed solution for accessible storage of bed linen.

The indoor-outdoor kitchen is ideal in use in all circumstances and a real eye-catcher. While sitting on the couch cutting ingredients, your travel partner is cooking outside. Plenty of space for everyone and still in contact with the outside world while other camping guests have to go inside their vans.

Storage space
Last but not least there are two more important benefits. First: the storage space is generous. We were able to fit in everything we wanted to take with us. Second: the van drives like a luxury car and can go and park anywhere you like. Ventje is spacious enough inside and small enough outside!