“The view all around is exceptional”

View all around

Juli 2020 | Redmer & Anna

The first thing you notice about our Ventje is the cosiness compared to other campers. They often look somewhat artificial, because unnatural materials and some plastic-like cabinets are used. But also because you can have the Ventje in cheerful colors for the pillows and curtains. And because you have a view all around. This is really exceptional, most camper vans have wall cabinets or storage blocks that make you feel trapped and not part of your environment.

What we really like about our Ventje is the comfort. Comfortable, well-fitting chairs that can easily be converted into lounge position or outdoor chairs. We opted to sleep by converting the sofas to a bed (instead of sleeping on top of a pop-top roof), after some practice you can do this in 4 minutes – partly thanks to the well thought-out solutions for accessible storage of the bed linen.

The indoor-outdoor kitchen is an ideal solution and a real eye-catcher. One is sitting on the couch doing the carving, the other is cooking a meal outside and you have plenty of space. This is where the other camping guests have to retire to their bus and have lost all contact with the outside world.

Storage space
Last but not least, two more points; the storage space is generous. We were able to get rid of everything we wanted to take with us. The size of the camper ensures that you can get everywhere without being noticed. In addition, the VW Transporter drives like a luxury car.