“Trying all the different setups is fun”

Many setups

August 2020 | Paul & Wilma

When we came across Ventje camper on the internet, we were actually already in love. But when we went to try it out for a weekend, we actually wanted to marry our Ventje.

Different setups
We (Paul, Wilma and Kisa, our dog) went to the Veluwe with our Ventje, in the middle of nature.
The weather was not so great, but we had a great time anyway. Trying out all the different setups is already fun.
Also waking up in the morning and being able to make a cup of coffee in the camper is great fun.

Super camper
What a super camper is this! Truly compliments to the team who created this genius construction.
We are sold, and we want to buy one ourselves. First a Tiny House and later on a Ventje Camper! I cannot wait.