“Easy to change setup? Piece a cake”

Easy change of setup

September 2020 | Marlies & Egbert

For years we have dreamed of exchanging our tent for a campervan. And not an over-the-top camper where you are obliged to cook indoors. How surprised we were when Ventje came by on the internet! Our dream exists!

Any desired setup
During a wet and stormy weekend in the end of September, we went out with Ventje. Zeeland was the plan first, but heavy winds chased us upwards into Friesland. There too was a lot of wind, so we kept the pop-top roof folded in a lot, but all the windows around give you an unbelievably spacious feeling. Especially because you can choose how you want to sit. Lazy lounging or just playing a game at the table: piece of cake to create any desired arrangement.

Thought through kitchen
How funny it was that we did not fulfill our ultimate wish to cook outside. Why would you, if you can cook nice and warm inside the van as well? Cooking while sitting in the bus is excellent. And what a luxury: water, 2 hobs, refrigerator, waste bin, cutting board, and drawers with all cooking utensils all within reach. Very well thought out and beautifully executed.

outside chairs
Fortunately, there was a moment during the weekend when the sun broke through, and we could try out the chairs outside. What a find! Yes, we would like to spend a lot of holidays with this cool Ventje. We can’t wait to welcome our own little Ventje!