“In particular the open, transparent and happy attitude appealed to us”

Ingenious interior

August 2021 | Ellen & Rogier

We are the happy owners of our ‘Ventje’ since 2 weeks now. From the very first contact with the Ventje-team, about 4-5 months ago, the whole process of choosing, deciding, buying and building has been a nice journey in itself. The young, enthusiastic and happy bunch of ‘Gyro Gearlooses’ guided us cheerfully and with great precision through the purchase. In particular the open, transparent and happy attitude and atmosphere appealed to us. I can truly recommend anyone to start a Ventje-adventure with them.

About the van itself: we have rented several campers in the past, but this very ingenious Ventje design beats them all. Absolutely everything has been well thought about. The kitchen in the back is brilliant. So much better to be able to cook standing up in the open air or sitting down from the inside in this position. In the blink of an eye the sitting area can be converted into a lounge area or into a bed. The latter is very spacious and long enough for my height, 6 foot 1! When we are travelling with our Ventje we have a constant grin on our faces.