“Why didn’t I come up with that?”

Genius kitchen

June 2020 | Rob & Annette

While surfing the internet, I think it was Facebook, a photo drew my attention. A picture of a VW bus with open tailgate containing a wooden piece of furniture with drawers and boxes. It turned out to be a campervan with the kitchen situated at the back. Ventje!

Big family
We have some experience travelling with VW vans, T3 and T4’s. Both T3’s were campers and the T4 was a passenger bus. When we started a foster family we were looking for means of transport for a large family, at relatively low cost. The campervans and later on, when we formed a family of eight, the passenger bus, provided what we needed. Now, in this phase of life, the sense of freedom that came with the campers is still itching. Even though we also enjoyed alternating between camping in tents and B&B’s for several years.

I have been scanning the internet frequently, looking for affordable campervans. However, all I found was highly priced and always laid out with the kitchen standard against the side behind the drivers seat. While surfing, not even looking for campervans at the time, this Ventje flashed by. My attention was drawn and I needed to find out more!

Genius kitchen
In Ventje the kitchen is situated at the back. Genius! Accessible both from the outside and the inside, at the same time! My wife and I were enthusiastic immediately and requested information about renting and buying through the website. That very same weekend we drove to Utrecht, together with our grandson, to see Ventje ‘live’. The whole interior has been thoroughly thought through, well designed and very neatly manufactured. Nicely finished and that kitchen is really great. Standing outside while cooking under the tailgate, the kitchen has the perfect height. At the same time the kitchen can be reached from inside, while seated.

Flexible set-up
The layout of the sofas is also a marvellous design. It’s flexible and can be re-arranged in an instant, to make a bed or to be used outside. What else does one need? One question kept popping up during this first viewing: “why didn’t I think of that?”