“Why didn’t I come up with that?”

Genius kitchen

June 2020 | Rob & Annette | Dutch review

I saw it pass by on the internet, I think it was Facebook, while scrolling a photo flashed by of a VW bus with the tailgate open, containing a wooden piece of furniture with drawers and boxes. A campervan with the kitchen in the back!

Big family
We have some experience with Volkswagens T3 and T4. Both T3’s were campers and the T4 a passenger bus. When we started a foster family, we were looking for transport for a large family at a relatively low cost. We found that in the form of the camping buses. When more foster children arrived and we formed a family of eight, we had to take the passenger bus. But the feeling of freedom that the campers gave us always kept itching, although we have also enjoyed alternating camping with tents and B&B’s for several years.

I regularly scan the internet for affordable campers. However, what I find is always high prices and always the standard layout with the kitchen against the side wall behind the driver’s seat. But now, while I wasn’t even looking, this Ventje flashed by. I needed to know more about that.

Genius kitchen
The kitchen is situated in the back, genius! Accessible from the inside and the outside. My wife and I were immediately enthusiastic and immediately requested information about renting and buying on the website. That same weekend we drove to Utrecht to see a bus, together with our grandson. The whole interior has been well thought out. Nicely finished and that kitchen is really great. At the right height when you stand outside under the flap and can be reached from the inside while seated.

Flexible set-up
The flexible layout of the sofas is also a great invention. Change the set-up literally in an instant. And then the sofa parts can also be used outside. What else do you need? What I still wondered during the viewing: “Why didn’t I think of that?”