“Everything went into the storage space without effort”

Plenty of storage space

June 2020 | Ralf & Nadja | Dutch review

For a while we want to build in our own campervan. And of course, on social media there are a lot of suggestions. Suddely there is a video of Ventje.

Rend for a week
Everything we wanted seemed to be in Ventje. Who thought of this clever design? Isn’t it too small? Is it really as cool as we thought? We went to Utrecht to look at Ventje, and we decided to rent it, for a week.

Everything fits
We loaded Ventje with our mountainbikes, golfbags, and way too many clothes, because everything (and more) has to fit inside. But it all fits effortlessly in our Ventje for a week.

And there we went. We chased the sun. First we went to the east of the country and later on we went to the middle. We stayed at the forester-site, in the middle of the forest. It was wunderfull.

In love
Everything seems to be in order, and we could find a place for all the stuff we took with us. Wake up in the morning and make a cup of coffee from your bed. Who would not like that? We are sold and in love with all the fun stuff you can do with this Ventje, definitely for more than a week.