“My boyfriend of 195cm had enough space”

Spacious bed

Juni 2020 | Anne Camps | Dutch review

I came up with an original birthday present for my boyfriend: a weekend away together in a Ventje camper! After a short explanation we drove away with our favorite music on. We already had a great atmosphere before we left Utrecht. It’s great that Ventje drives so easily with a good view of the road (because I don’t drive a bus every day).
Practical and easy
A quick stop at the supermarket for our BBQ that night – and some beers in our on-board fridge. Once we arrived in South Limburg, we built a cozy sitting corner with the chairs and table in a few minutes.
You can use the kitchen from the outside, but also from the inside. That’s very practical when you chill in the bus late at night, or when it’s very windy. You have converted the modular interior system into a bed very easily. We could even make the beds without leaving the bus.
Spacious bed
The curtains close completely, and with the ventilation on you can sleep without it getting stuffy or too hot inside. With a boyfriend that is 195cm we had enough space – I was so happy with that.
Wonderful, such a weekend with everything at hand, and always a beautiful view: a holiday feeling immediately, even if you are only away for a few days. Next time maybe a week abroad!