“Ventje is spacious, intimate & nice and warm”

Spacious and intimate

Oktober 2020 | Marcel & Mieke, Ventje-parents| Dutch review

In a friendly email, Frank addressed us with “Ha Ventje-tourders!”. I had read Ventje’s parents. And that is actually less crazy than it sounds. Because being on the road with a Ventje is like being on the road with a treasure. Of course it is not a child, but this incredibly nice camper is close to our hearts.

There is a lot of different types of motorhomes our there. My internet search focus is not that long, but fortunately my wife’s focus is. We were not looking for a 1991 Peugeot J5, with which our son is now away for a long time, nor a “white villa on wheels”. We were looking for a fresh, well-organized, well-thought-out campervan and also for an good price. We found Ventje!

Multiple functions
I fell in love with the concept that I frequently admired on the website. After a visit to “the workshop” in Utrecht, I became even more enthusiastic. The space, the technology, the simplicity. Read this last word as: too much simplified representation method. Because everything has been thought about and every shelf in the car has multiple functions. And yet… just a little too small perhaps?

Warm and intimate
That meant experiencing it firsthand. We took Ventje out for three days. And indeed; it is smaller, it is more like camping, it is more “moving around each other”. But also: it is spacious, intimate, nice and warm, you have contact with the outside space and it has a unique ventilation system.

Also, I am a home-chef. But now not only at home, but also on the road. This little kitchen has everything. The best part of this kitchen is that you can stand outside, under the flap of course. But it also works while sitting inside. How can you put so many useful things into such a small space?

In short, with Ventje we enjoyed a few days in Zeeland in about the wettest weekend of the year. Still, we got up every morning with a big smile; by some rays of the sun this weekend, but also by “our” blazing little Ventje.

Ventje team, compliments, you have brought a beautiful little Ventje into the world.