“Neither of us ever camped with so much luxury before.”

Winter Ventje

November 2020 | Evie & Stijn

We really needed a break! During Covid-lockdown we had been working from home for many weeks, meanwhile checking the alarming infection figures. Because it didn’t feel right to fly to a sunny place we decided to stay in the Netherlands (Holland). As it happens both of us are enormous fans of camping and outdoor activities; tent in the car and go! But, even for fans, camping is much nicer when the sun is shining. It was winter though and the prospect of freezing in a small tent without any comfort didn’t appeal to us much. So we took a ‘Winter Ventje’.

Neither of us ever camped with so much luxury before. Everything you could possibly need had been thought of. A bottle opener? Check – conveniently fixed in exactly the right place. A bottle mulled wine to brighten up the dark November evening? Check. Heater? Check. During our entire trip we couldn’t think of anything at all that was missing.

Driving comfort
Driving Ventje was also a very positive surprise. I am used to a small city car that is easy to park and maneuver anywhere and I felt a bit hesitant to drive a bus. But a bus like this? To my surprise, driving Ventje is ‘a piece of cake!’

This year it was no option to go diving at beautiful coral reefs or hiking on impressive mountain peaks. Ventje made outdoor activities like running and cycling in the beautiful Dutch countryside possible, so we had a really wonderful time. We spent the evenings reading a book next to a lovely fire stove. The campsites offered by the National Trust, ‘Staatsbosbeheer’, offer these without exception. We might take another Ventje for our next trip, maybe further into Europe because the experience was definitely worth repeating!