Bring your inside out.

A convenient set-up
for every moment.

From dinner table, to lounge, to outdoor chairs, to bed. Change your set-up in an instant.

Flexible set-up >

More than
enough space.

Enjoy plenty and always accessible storage space.

Travel comfortably >

Take Ventje to work…
or work from Ventje.

Because of many power outlets, USB charging points and storage space, makes Ventje a pleasant mobile office.

Mobile office >

The only car
you need.

Use Ventje as your daily car. It’s economical, has a small turning radius, and fits right into a normal parking spot.

Daily car >

Good cooking
with plenty of space.

Cook both indoors and out!

Kitchen preview >

Turn inside out.

Pop open the top-roof, swing out the awning and sit outside.

Outdoor living >

Unwind and rest.

Enjoy in the lounge sofa and sleep in a bed of 2 by 1,4 meter. Relax >

Unique design.

Years of travelling, countless sketches, lots of puzzling, a few eureka moments and extensive testing and optimization, led to the unique and protected design of Ventje.Quality >

Color your bus!

Do you prefer the business look or a colorful Ventje?

Choose your colour >

“Ventje is comfortable. Nice, well-seated chairs that convert very easily into outdoor chairs or bed. Done in four minutes!”

Redmer & Anna

Read the experience