Everyday car

The only vehicle you need.

Small turning radius.

Same turning circle as a Tesla Model 3.

Go in style.

Arrive in style for business.

Use as a mobile office >

Effortless in the city

Fits into a normal parking spot.

..and on rougher roads.

Quickly on top of a mountain.

I have chosen to drive my Ventje both for business and private. For example, I use the Ventje during the week for my design agency and I can easily go on weekends to relax. Practical and also affordable!

Frank Westland

Industrial designer

Your Ventje

Create your own Ventje.

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Working on the go

Take Ventje to work… or work from Ventje.

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Consumption and service

Take good care of the Ventje.. then the Ventje will take good care of you.

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