Family and friends

Traveling with children or friends.

Everyone together.

Choose the 2 seat belts in the back if you want to travel with the whole family or friends. In combination with a bench in the front, this provides a total of 5 seats with belts.

A toilet next to the bed.

If you want to sleep downstairs with a fixed toilet next to the bed, choose the long Ventje.

Three in a row.

If you opt for a co-driver’s bench, then you have three seats with belts in the front. In the case of a passenger seat, there is space for the center console with wastebasket, storage space and coffee cup and bottle holder.


Want to put your feet up or create an extra seat? The kitchen drawers can also be used as a pouf and side table.

A large table top.

Play a good game of Monopoly or order Chinese? Extend the inner table with the long table top and have fun!

Sleep comfortably

up- and downstairs.

In the roof you now sleep extra comfortably with the luxurious bed springs under the mattress. Downstairs you still sleep wonderfully on the wide bed with real mattress filling.