Sustainable, cozy and practical.

If we do it…

The interior is produced in the Netherlands from renewable raw materials such as sustainable wood, sheep’s wool and linoleum.

…we do it right.

For pleasant use, we use high quality materials, such as stainless steel and cold foam.

Completely cared for.

We can provide a bus for your Ventje, so you do not have to worry about it! Let others look back when you drive by!

A great investment.


“Ventje is spacious, cozy & warm”
Marcel & Mieke >
“Why didn’t I come up with that myself?”
Rob & Annette >

“Trying out different set-ups is fun”

Paul & Wilma >


“Everything went into the storage space without effort”
Ralph & Nadja >

Unique design.

Years of travelling, countless sketches, lots of puzzling, a few eureka moments and extensive testing and optimization, led to the unique and protected design of Ventje.

Leave nothing but tire tracks.

Sustainable wood & linoleum
Wood from responsible forests and a floor made of natural materials.
Take care of nature
Keep dirty water out of nature with our grey water storage tank.
Solar panels
Charge everything with green energy from the sun.
Compensating emissions
Every Ventje plants two trees for future emissions.