Unwind and rest.

Comfortable bed

Crawl into a spacious and long bed of 2 by 1,4 m.

A great view.

The feeling of a tent and yet comfortable in your Ventje. With the large lifting roof you also have the option of sleeping upstairs.

Sleep comfortably
up- and downstairs.

In the roof you now sleep extra comfortably with the luxurious bed springs under the mattress. Downstairs you still sleep wonderfully on the wide bed with real mattress filling.

Your Ventje.

Create your own Ventje.

Builder >

A toilet next to the bed.

If you want to sleep downstairs with a fixed toilet next to the bed, choose the long Ventje.

The world is your livingroom.

The most comfortable outside chairs you can ever wish for.

Nothing at all.

Shut the world out for a while, with curtains that completely close and darken the van.

Black on the outside and therefore invisible. On the inside, in any color you wish for!

Just sit down and relax.

Settle down on the lounge sofa with a satisfied feeling.

Flexible set-up >

Fun on the road.

Travel games >

Breathe in.

Fresh air at night via the active ventilation system.