Travel comfortably

More than enough storage space.

Plenty storage space.

Whatever set-up you are using, the storage spaces are always accessible. Every inch has been utilized and there is a convenient place for everything you need.

Make it comfortable.

The walls and floor are insulated and warm up your Ventje with a stand heater during winter.

Supplied with power.

Cooling down your drink, work from your laptop and recharge your phone: your Ventje is equipped with 3 power outlets and 4 USB charging points.

The battery lasts for a long weekend and is charged while driving.


Standing still for a long time and still be supllied with power?
Use the CEE plug or travel self-sufficiently with the solar panel.

A toilet next to the bed..

If you want to sleep downstairs with a fixed toilet next to the bed, choose the long Ventje.

.. or under the bed

The short Ventje also includes a portable toilet or our smart toilet plate, but under the bed.

Sustainable travel.

We want to enjoy this world much longer.

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Travel games.

The most fun during your trip.

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