“Both of us had never camped so luxuriously”

Winter Ventje

November 2020 | Evie & Stijn

We really needed a holiday for now. It was November and gradually the walls started to come towards us, after many weeks of working from home and every day again alarming corona infection figures. Flying to a sunny place didn’t feel right, so we decided to stay in the Netherlands. Now we are both big camping fans: tent in the car and go. But camping in that way is better when the sun is shining. We found the prospect of nickel plating in a small tent without any form of comfort towards the winter months less attractive. And so we went out with a ‘Winter Ventje’.

Both of us had never camped so luxuriously. Everything had been thought of. A bottle opener? Check – at a standard convenient fixed location. A bottle of mulled wine for the dark November evening? Check. Heater? Check. During the entire holiday we have not known a moment when we noticed that something was missing.

Driving comfort
The driving comfort has also positively surprised us. I myself am used to a small city car, which I can easily park everywhere and maneuver in between. But a bus like this? To my surprise it was really easy to drive with Ventje.

Diving at beautiful coral reefs or hiking on beautiful mountain peaks was not an option for us this year. But running through beautiful Dutch areas and cycling through the Noordoostpolder is – and we had a great time with that. In the evening we had time to read a book by a lovely warm fire stove, which the Staasbosbeheer campsites offered without exception. And who knows, we might be taking another Ventje with us this year, whether or not further into Europe! Because this is worth repeating, for sure.