Campervan Ventje

Ultimate freedom

at your doorstep.

Bring your inside out.

A handy layout, lots of storage and a spacious kitchen. Ventje makes the most of a compact campervan.

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Everything you need to know before you go.

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Flexible set-up

Change your set-up in an instant.

Plenty of storage space

Enjoy a lot of storage space.


Drives economical.

Your Ventje

Create your own Ventje.

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Leave nothing but tire tracks.

FSC wood & linoleum
Wood from responsibly managed forests.
Take care of nature
Keep dirty water out of nature with our storage tank.
Solar Panels
Charge everything with green energy from the sun.
Compensating emissions
Every Ventje plants 2 trees for future emissions.

Your Ventje

Create your own Ventje.

Builder >

“We were very happy when we picked up our Ventje Camper… It was a very special moment!
You have a wonderful team around you, They are at work with heart and soul. You can feel and see that in the camper!

We have spent two nights in our Ventje on a farm campsite in Callantsoog … really great fun!
We attracted a lot of attention with us, everyone is impressed.”

Jos & Dienke

We are…

.. camper van enthusiasts. After years of traveling we designed the ideal interior setup. Maximum use of a compact space.
.. a Dutch, sustainable design company. We love real wood, flexible set-ups, lots of storage space, and warm lighting.
.. travelers. We like to explore nature, meet new people and are always open to new experiences. With Ventje we facilitate this for everyone!Contact us >