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T: 030 22 70 922


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Atoomweg 7
3542 AA Utrecht

T 030 22 70 922

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The name Ventje refers to the English word for bus: ‘Van’.
It is of course a small bus, so it became Ventje!

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Flexible set-up

Change your set-up in an instant.

Plenty of storage space

Enjoy plenty of storage space.

Economical choice

Drive economical with a low camper tax rate.

We are…

.. camper van enthusiasts. After years of traveling around, we designed the ideal interior set-up to make maximum use of the compact size.

.. a Dutch, sustainable design company. We love real wood, warm lighting and practical functions.

.. travelers. We like to explore nature, meet new people and are always open to new experiences. With Ventje we like to make this possible for everyone!