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T: 030 22 70 922


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Atoomweg 7
3542 AA Utrecht

T 030 22 70 922

You’re more than welcome to come and take a look at the Ventje!
Call us to make an appointment.
We have parking facilitie.

Flexible set-up

Change your set-up in an instant.

Plenty of storage space

Three times more storage space.


Drive economically friendly and fall in the low camper tax rate

We are…

...camper van enthusiasts. Years of travelling and continuously improving previous designs have resulted in maximum usage of the compact space available.

.. a Dutch, sustainable design company. We love real wood, flexible set-ups, lots of storage space, and warm lighting.

.. travelers. We like to explore nature, meet new people and are always open to new experiences. With Ventje we hope to facilitate this for everyone! >